I help creative entrepreneurs build online businesses.

I share what I know on Being Boss, where I inspire, coach, and write to help creatives own their path and be more boss.

And I curate products for nature lovers at Almanac Supply Company.

My own creativity pours out in the form of cocktails + gumbo, in how I enjoy my home, and how I travel to grow.

I began my career as an online entrepreneur in 2008. I was completing my degree in Geography, but midnighting as a jewelry designer back when Etsy was the coolest place on the internet to be.

During that time I learned a lot about how to attract online browsers to a brand and product. I learned the importance of design, words, and imagery.

TIP: Great photos for your website is everything.

I soon used some skills I picked up in high school to design and develop my first eCommerce website, a place where I could sell my jewelry under my own brand, not under than brand of a handmade conglomerate.

Very soon I had maker-friends from Etsy requesting that I build for them a custom website, too. I coupled that skill with my knowledge that I’d gained from bootstrapping a profitable online business to launch a web design and strategy studio, where I spent almost 10 years learning about doing business online.

I've recently taken everything I know to launch my new company, Almanac Supply Company, where I'm able to bring my passions for nature, curation, and business into a single endeavor.

Because I have a simple belief:

You have to live what you love.

Whether I'm living my own creative freedom by designing jewelry or websites, or helping other’s launch businesses where they could explore their own freedom, that is the mantra I live by: live what you love.

If you want to know more, check out Being Boss a project I've run for several years with my friend, Kathleen. This podcast, book, and community is where we share all we know about how to be who you are, sell what you do, and love what you live while doing it.

If you're interested in collaborating, get in touch.

- Emily on Episode #44 of Being Boss


Inspired by a getaway in Tulum, Mexico, this cocktail is a salute to the flavors that defined my time there.

Blood oranges (half an orange for each cocktail), cut into wedges
Limes (a quarter lime for each cocktail), cut into wedges
Club soda
Rimming salt (course kosher will do just fine)
Cayenne pepper

Mix a bit of salt and cayenne pepper to your liking. I like mine a bit spicier, so I tend to be a bit heavy handed with the pepper.

Use a bit of lime to rub around the rim of your glass, then dip the rim into the cayenne salt, coating it.

Put your wedges into your glass and muddle. (You could juice the fruit and pour it into the glass, but that's too fussy. And Tulum, if anything, is not fussy.)

Put in a couple of cubes of ice, pour in a heavy shot or two of mezcal, and top off with a light splash of club soda.

Give it a swirl and garnish with a little slice of blood orange.


Photo by Abraham Rowe Photography


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